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Steven Schub as the lead singer of THE FENWICKS


The Fenwicks on...


  • The story of this band is legend... America's only Afro-Celtic Yiddish Ska band is like Oingo Boingo on steroids... shifting seamlessly from circus music to booty shaking third wave ska at it's best. With an insane, hysterical, vaudevillian stage show, deranged lyrics and a frenzied assault on everything sacred, The Fenwicks will not disappoint.
    — Skratch Magazine
  • The Fenwicks are not a normal band. Blending punk, ska, pop and klezmer... They are a band with a message: enjoy one's life! The songs ask you to live with integrity, love with sincerity, and act to make your life better. The Fenwicks promote joy both in theory and in practice- they sing and perform with the joy they preach.
    — G. Murray Thomas, The Independent
  • The Fenwicks are a twisted yet eloquent fusion...impossible to forget, and with a story the producer's of VH-1's "Behind The Music" would slaver over.
    — Mark Faulkner, Florida Times Union
  • A jubilant explosion. The Fenwicks thrive on spontaneity better than most improv comedy troupes, and play their "Afro-Celtic Yiddish Ska" with the urgency of a death row inmate trying to win his release.
  • Fiercely original. The Fenwicks are today's postmodern Mothers of Invention. Extreme funk driven by a killer groove. This is a genuine all-star lineup. Pathfinding songwriters with visionary ideas, up there with the best of the best... It's big, bold, and mind-blowing.
  • The Fenwicks are iconoclasts who put the happiest of mediums to work for them….As the guiding light of The Fenwicks, Schub is a found object in a monumental work of calculation. He is at once raconteur, misunderstood literate and off-in-the-corner performance artist. Far-removed from today's power-chord posturing, Schub is the "Rage against the Machismo", and his shtick seems destined to become a new art form. The Fenwicks blast off and then intoxicate.
    — Arvid Smith, FOLIO WEEKLY
  • The Fenwicks' show is a heady mixture of brilliant and extreme original music and impromptu community theater. They have created a striking blend of unpredictable rock that's something akin to Bob Dylan doing heavy metal accompanied by Monty Python. This package pounds with all the subtlety of a train crash, yet moves with the grace of synchronized swimmers in intricate cooperation. Expect anything and everything from the Fenwicks.
    — October Micha, PLAYERS MAGAZINE
  • Live, the band is like a mummenschantz of choreography - a 22nd century three ring circus of the mind. The Fenwicks defy all expectation.
    — Leslie Marini, FLORIDA EXPOSURE
  • The effect is stunning.I've extolled The Fenwicks' virtues in print so many times, I'll have to invent new laudatory adjectives to describe them.



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