Steven Schub as the lead singer of HaSkaLA


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On HaSkaLA, The Fenwicks and... How to Save the World  
Interview with Steven Schub by Yeram Reyes for "AbleKane Adventures"  Read Interview... 

The Return of HaSkaLA, or: Steven Schub's "Ska" Empire Strikes Back
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HaSkaLA: Steven Schub's Danceable Bliss
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"HaSkaLA is explosive! Undeniably unique. A boisterous rallying cry for reason, liberty, and freethought. HaSkaLA brings a jolt to the heart, and a tear to the eye. If the world’s current Endarkenment will ever transmute into another Renaissance and Enlightenment, then it will be in no small part due to Renaissance bands like HaSkaLA obliterating the false alternative of profoundness and fun with increasingly uncommon skill, melodic sensibility, and passion."   
- Jeffrey Falk, "Menken's Ghost"


A collection of assorted lyrics by Steven Schub

Part One         Part Two